Paul O'Shea: Equestrian

"Since I've been training with Peotr, there has been a huge improvement in my fitness, core strength and flexibility. Peotr really knows how to gradually build up the work to ensure there is no risk of injury. It has helped my riding and position in a big way."


Lauren Hester: Equestrian

"I have been working with Peotr for over a year now. Since then, my riding and coordination has progressed extraordinarily. I am more balanced on the horse and much stronger. Peotr knows how to get me strong and fit without me looking a like a muscle builder. Because, as a rider I need long lean muscles, not big and bulky. He is an exceptional trainer!"

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Erica Herrforth: Exercise rider student

"Making the decision to ask Peotr for help has been very rewarding.  Not only have I improved in core strength, I have also improved my mental game.  Peotr has been very good at targeting areas of weakness and helping me strengthen those weaknesses by using different techniques of strength and conditioning, yoga, and mental conditioning.  I would recommend Peotr to anyone."